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Hi! I'm Shannon and I'm the owner of Hustle and Flow Pilates! Hustle and Flow is a small home Pilates studio located in Berryville, Virginia, which came to fruition after the studio I had taught for closed in 2021. My clients still needed their Pilates practice and I was happy to oblige! 

I started practicing Pilates in 2017, after being sidelined with a weightlifting injury, and I was instantly hooked. I had finally found exercise that I truly enjoyed!

My love for classes led to me receiving my certification as a National Certified Pilates Teacher (formerly known as PMA certification) in 2019. I taught at Pilates Connection in Winchester, Virginia until its closing in 2021. Combined with my Bachelors in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise and Registered Nurse license, my goal is to help you cultivate a love for movement, safely.

I hope to see you soon!


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